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Lamb Burgers Oh My

Lamb burgers it is!  So, I’m trying something new with a mixture of meat I know.


I’m using 1 lb of lamb and mixing in 2 lbs of ground chuck.  The reason I add the ground beef is lamb is really lean and I like a juicy burger, so I added the ground chuck to add fat.


I usually add a lot of spices or seasonings, but I wanted to just taste the meat tonight so I just added smoked salt and ground pepper.  To be honest with you, sometimes salt and pepper is all the seasoning you will need.  This was true for this great tasting burger.


I then place the burgers on the charcoal grill for 4 minutes and flip the burgers and grill them for anther 5 minutes then they’re done. The great thing about this meal is you get dinner in under 30 minutes.


Now you just add your favorite fixings on your burger and your ready to go. I’m sure you will enjoy these burgers as much as I did.


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