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BBQ Fish Tacos

The last time I posted a recipe using fish, you the readers, really responded well to it, so I figured what the heck, let’s barbecue fish again. So here we go with BBQ, wait for it… FISH TACOS.  That’s right BBQ fish tacos

The whole fish taco thing is fairly new to me. Since I really just started barbecuing fish a short time ago. I have found that I am liking the white meat fish better than the pink meat fish.  The fish I am using to prepare the taco meat is orange roughy its a whitefish that comes in pretty good sized filets. I cook approximately 1.5 lbs for 15 minutes on each side using Kingsford charcoal. You can read my earlier post BBQ Fish to see the charcoal placement. I use fresh vegetables from Oroville, Ca farmers market. I use flour and corn tortillas because I can never figure out which one I like until I start to eat.

I use Morse Farms new mandarin olive oil on the fish to give it a little more flavor and the oil also prevents the fish from sticking to the tin foil on the grill. I will season the fish lightly with the Wagon Wheel Market’s Santa Maria seasoning.

When the fish is finally cooked I place the fish in a big mixing bowl and mash it with a potato smasher. Then I squeeze lemon and lime onto the fish and smash it a little more. But, before the smashing begins I place the tortillas on the grill to warm up. I leave the tortillas on the grill for only about 5 minutes. That way when the smashing is complete the tortillas are ready.

My family and friends like to add tomatoes,avocados, and mango salsa to the fish tacos and they all tell me that the fish tacos taste great. I’m a simple man, so I just add some cheese to my fish taco. Any way you eat them I know you will love them.


1.5 lbs of fresh fish of your liking
10 tortillas
1 tomato
1 lime
1 lemon
1 avocados
salsa of your liking

Meat on a Stick

Last Saturday I was talking with my parents ninety year old neighbor about all the food that we have eaten at his place over the years. We both came to the conclusion that his shish kabobs were the best thing that we had consumed at his house. So I thought it would be fun to try and make my own and call it Meat On a Stick.

My thought was to use a tri tip and cut it up into cubes about the size of stew meat, but I’m lazy so I asked the butcher at Wagon Wheel Market if he could cut my tri tip into cubes for me, and he said, “yes”’ with a smile on his face.  While I was waiting for the meat to be sliced into shish kabob sized cubes I started looking around the store for fruit and vegetables to accessorize the meat on a stick. I grabbed a pineapple, a red bell pepper and some mushrooms.  I thought that the flavors would blend with each other  well and complement the tri tip nicely.

When I get home I grabbed a zip lock bag and poured 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 4 tablespoons of ginger juice from the Ginger People, and 4 tablespoons of apricot  gourmet dressing from Antelope Creek Farm.  Then I added the 2.5 lbs of cubed tri tip to the bag and placed the meat mix in the fridge for about twenty-four hrs.  You can marinate the meat for less time if would like. I recommend no less than 6 hrs.

After the meat has marinated the real fun begins by placing the bell pepper, mushrooms and pineapple on the stick. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you to soak the sticks or skewers in water for at least 4 hours or your sticks will burn up.  Now back to placing the meat and stuff on the skewers. There is no right or wrong way to place the meat and vegetables and/or fruit on the sticks. Get creative and vary the patterns.This part of the process takes the longest but if make it a family thing it becomes fun and faster.

Now that everything is on the sticks place them on the BBQ. You can see my method for this in bacon onion burgers.  Just wait about ten minutes then turn the meat on a stick and wait about two more minutes. The meat will be tender and full of great flavor. I guarantee you will love the meat on the stick.


2.5 lbs tri tip

4 tablespoons Ginger Juice

4 tablespoons apricot gourmet dressing from Antelope Creek Farm

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 pineapple cubed

1 bell pepper sliced and cubed

1 dozen mushrooms

J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce Special

I missed last weeks post due to life becoming… well life.  It was an extremely busy week that involved hospitals, goats and kids, so there was little time to write. This is my tenth post, that’s right, the tenth post, so I didn’t want it to be lame or seem forced. I figured it would be better to skip a week.

This week I will feature J Lee Roy’s barbecue crew as they prepare for an epic weekend of sales at Feather Fiesta days in Oroville CA. Our feather fiesta days draws the entire town to one location for a weekend of food and fun.

The fun for the J Lee Roy’s crew begins weeks in advance. The preparation starts with choosing the right pork butt and ends with various culinary details such as ensuring there are plenty of napkins and enough of that sweet and delicious sauce on hand.

The Friday afternoon before the event Sam the cook of the crew lights the 16 foot Holstein BBQ. It takes about 30 minutes for the BBQ to heat to the temperature that Sam wants.  Within ten minutes Sam has 30 pork butts on the grill. He lets the meat cook for 10 hours before he takes the pork off the grill and wraps it in individual pieces of tin foil and places them in an ice chest, without the ice. Even after it has been removed from the grill the pork continues to cook due to the heat that the meat is giving off inside the ice chest and foil. By the time the J Lee Roy’s Crew makes the first sandwich the pork has cooked for about 16 hours.

The J Lee Roy’s station is a flurry of activity on Saturday morning. Crew members are lighting the stove in the mobile sales trailer, setting up shade structures and tables pulling the meat off the bone so that there is hand picked pieces for each delicious sandwich. Once the meat is on the sandwich someone else adds the perfect amount of J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce.

After watching all the weeks of preparation, cooking, setup of the event and the tear down and clean up of the event I have a great deal of respect for this crew.

If you live in Northern California you can find J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce in the meat department at Raleys, Savemart, Holiday Market, FoodMax and Wagon Wheel Market.  It is also in the condiment aisle at Safeway.  If you don’t live in the area click the link and order online.

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