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Pork and Seafood Birthday Bash

Well my wife just had a birthday and like a good husband I cooked for her. Here’s what was on the menu.  Pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped corn on the cob, bacon wrapped scallops, and prawns on a bed of bacon.  Yes, a pork and seafood birthday bash.


If you want to know the recipe for the pork tenderloin check out my previous post Juicy BBQ Pork Tenderloin.  The corn on the cob was a bit tricky to make look good but it tasted great and when food taste great do you really care about how it looks in a picture.  To cook the corn I wrapped them with 2 pieces of thin sliced bacon.  I then added mandarin olive oil and seasoning to the tin foil. The reason behind wrapping the corn with tin foil is to hold the bacon to the corn.


For the scallops I just wrapped the bacon around the scallop, seasoned with sea salt and  put a tooth pick though the scallop. Using  five pieces of the thin sliced bacon I bought at the Wagon Wheel Market I made a bed of bacon and put the prawns right on top.  Then I added Santa Maria Seasoning over all the seafood and pork.


The total cooking time all of the dishes at 350 degrees is  an hour and 15 minutes.  At the 40 minute mark I turned the tender loin, unwrapped the corn to crisp the bacon and added the seafood. When your tenderloin is 160 everything is done.  I guarantee you’re going to love this Bacon Sea Food Birthday Bash too.bcbbbq

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