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Smoked Salmon

I use to just bbq food that I liked and didn’t care to much what other people wanted. I really enjoy barbecuing and eating any red meat and got stuck in the red meat rut. I know I posted other meats, but that was just for the blog and I didn’t really want to bbq anything other than BEEF. To me beef was the easiest and tasted the best. I took a year off from the blog, and I took the time refine my palette and improve my bbq technique.photo2 2

I started smoking a lot of fish, because my family and I really enjoy fresh smoked salmon. I did a little bit of research on smoking fish and then I began cooking it a lot. I just used basic seasonings, but I did some experimenting by adding and subtracting seasonings to see what combination gave me the best results. I found that the basic salt and pepper that you have in your kitchen right now may produce the best flavor for you. I also discovered that there are several different styles, shapes,and colors of salt. I like the combination of sea salt, table salt, Himalayan salt block, and pepper the best.IMG_2791

For this post on grilling fish I used my Green Mountain Grill or GMG. If you don’t have one you should really check it out! If you have a webber you can check out my post called BBQ fish to learn about my charcoal grill technique.IMG_0795

The first step you have to do is find the right piece of fresh fish. Most small local markets get there fish on Fridays hence Fish Friday. Second step is to salt the fish with an ingredient that you might not have, Sea Salt. This will neutralize the fishy flavor. Next add the house hold seasonings of salt and pepper. Season to your liking.IMG_2806

I start by lighting my GMG with a push of a button and set the temperature to 170 degrees. When the smoke clears I place my frog mat and Himalayan Salt block on the grill. I then place the seasoned fish on the salt block and wait for 3 1/2 hours when I bump the temperature up to 325 degrees and let it cook for 25 mins. Then serve and eat.IMG_2813

If you have any questions leave me a comment and i will do my best to answer it. Thank you for reading.

Pork and Seafood Birthday Bash

Well my wife just had a birthday and like a good husband I cooked for her. Here’s what was on the menu.  Pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped corn on the cob, bacon wrapped scallops, and prawns on a bed of bacon.  Yes, a pork and seafood birthday bash.


If you want to know the recipe for the pork tenderloin check out my previous post Juicy BBQ Pork Tenderloin.  The corn on the cob was a bit tricky to make look good but it tasted great and when food taste great do you really care about how it looks in a picture.  To cook the corn I wrapped them with 2 pieces of thin sliced bacon.  I then added mandarin olive oil and seasoning to the tin foil. The reason behind wrapping the corn with tin foil is to hold the bacon to the corn.


For the scallops I just wrapped the bacon around the scallop, seasoned with sea salt and  put a tooth pick though the scallop. Using  five pieces of the thin sliced bacon I bought at the Wagon Wheel Market I made a bed of bacon and put the prawns right on top.  Then I added Santa Maria Seasoning over all the seafood and pork.


The total cooking time all of the dishes at 350 degrees is  an hour and 15 minutes.  At the 40 minute mark I turned the tender loin, unwrapped the corn to crisp the bacon and added the seafood. When your tenderloin is 160 everything is done.  I guarantee you’re going to love this Bacon Sea Food Birthday Bash too.bcbbbq

Lamb Burgers Oh My

Lamb burgers it is!  So, I’m trying something new with a mixture of meat I know.


I’m using 1 lb of lamb and mixing in 2 lbs of ground chuck.  The reason I add the ground beef is lamb is really lean and I like a juicy burger, so I added the ground chuck to add fat.


I usually add a lot of spices or seasonings, but I wanted to just taste the meat tonight so I just added smoked salt and ground pepper.  To be honest with you, sometimes salt and pepper is all the seasoning you will need.  This was true for this great tasting burger.


I then place the burgers on the charcoal grill for 4 minutes and flip the burgers and grill them for anther 5 minutes then they’re done. The great thing about this meal is you get dinner in under 30 minutes.


Now you just add your favorite fixings on your burger and your ready to go. I’m sure you will enjoy these burgers as much as I did.


Yes Ribs

Alright the true test of any serious Griller is his ability to cook ribs. I wanted to see if I was as good as I thought I was, so I decided to barbecue ribs.


The reason I chose pork over beef was real simple, I saw the pork first .  The ribs where Saint Louis cut.  Pat at the Wagon Wheel said that I wouldn’t regret my choice and he was right.  The ribs where juicy and full of flavor.


I choose to bbq the ribs on my Green Mountain Grill.  I chose the pellet grill over the charcoal, because I could control the temperature and it gave me the ability to smoke them slow and low.  I started with a low heat 180 degrees for 10 hours and then bumped the temperature to 280 for the last hour.


I used my own seasonings this time, but the base seasoning was Santa Maria seasoning from Wagon Wheel Market.  I spread the seasoning on both side very liberally.  Then in a medium sized bowl I added and mixed all of these ingredients together.

1/3 cup soy sauce

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp local honey

1 tbsp molasses

1 tsp cayenne powder

1/4 cup mandarin olive oil (Morse Farms)

3/4 tsp smoked salt

Once the wet rub was ready to go I put the ribs on the grill, and I began using a basting brush to paint the wet rub on the bony side first. then I flipped the ribs over and painted more wet rub on them. Every hour I sprayed the ribs with apple juice to add moisture to the ribs.


I guarantee you will love these ribs because I’m not a rib eater and ate half the rack, so I  guess I past the Griller test.

Which one is right for me?

So it’s been a while. On this post I hope to a lot get comments from my readers. I’m going to compare 3 major bbqs.


I’ll start with the charcoal grill which I like the best because of the flavor and the memories of my childhood.  The charcoal bbq also has its down falls. The main one is the time it takes to reach cooking temperature. The next is the ash that the bbq creates.

mini meat loaf

Next is the pellet bbq.  Like the charcoal bbq it has great flavor, but you don’t ever get to see the flame.   The biggest draw back of the pellet bbq is it needs electricity to run the augar to feed the pellets to the flame.  With the pellet grill you can smoke and bbq your food which is a major plus. Unlike the charcoal grill you can maintain a constant cooking temperature. With some of the higher end models you can control your cooking temperature with a remote control from your couch.  Anther draw back for me is that you have to vacuum out the grill every other time you use the bbq.


The last bbq is the most popular grill sold the propane bbq.   This grill is like the pellet grill in it allows you to maintain the cooking temperature and most propane grills come with a side burner which the charcoal and pellet grills do not have. The major set back to this grill is the flare ups that almost always occur. I also fell that this grill has the least flavor of all the grills.


Please fell free to five your 2 cents on what grill you prefer.

Happy grilling!

Smokin a Fatty For The Super Bowl

All right now that I have your attention lets get to the meat.  If your looking for something that has great taste and really bad for your heart look no farther it is here.  The Fatty is 1Lb sausage wrapped in 1lb of bacon. Thats right pork rolled in pork.


Use thin sliced bacon and weave the pound of bacon like you learned back in elementary school this takes a little time so have fun with it.  Remember you are going to wrap you’re sausage with this weaved bacon blanket.  Now grab the 1 pound of sausage, form it into a mini loaf and place the loaf in the middle of the bacon blanket.


The bacon that I chose to use is a smoked bacon from Wagon Wheel Market and the the sausage is also from the Wagon Wheel it is Italian seasoned.  You can use any bacon and sausage combo you like but I like the flavor of these 2 together. When fully cooked these 2 taste like salami.


Now I place this monster pork roll on a cookie sheet and place in the smoker at 325 for 1 and 1/2 hours and then raise the temperature to 350 for 15 more minutes. Let set for 5 minutes and cut into thin slices.


This is sure to get your friends and family talking about you smokin a fatty.



1 pound bacon

1pound sausage

Thank You for a great 2012

Thank you all for BBqing. Heres to anther great year of cooking.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Dont Be Scared its Just a Piece of Meat

Alright,how many of you out there are afraid to cook a certain type of meat?  Will if there is a piece of meat that scares people to death to cook, it is prime rib, but I’m going to help you with an easy recipe that taste great!


The first step is to make sure that you are truly buying a prime rib and not a standard piece of meat.  You are going to pay more for a better quality meat, but you will taste the difference.  If you need help finding that piece of meat look for a local butcher shop. If you live in the Oroville, CA area Wagon Wheel Market is the place to go.

photo2 2

Once you have selected the prime rib you begin the preparation process by seasoning it. I chose to use Santa Maria seasoning from the Wagon Wheel Market.  Before I put the seasoning on I rub the prime rib down with Berkley Grove Olive oil.  The olive oil will give the seasoning something to stick to.  Now start adding seasoning to the meat by rubbing the seasoning in as you add the seasoning to your liking.  Place the meat in the refrigerator for about 24 hrs.


Now your going to sear the prime rib. If you need help with that look at my post bbq pork without the bbq.  If you have a pellet bbq you can sear the meat by setting to temp to 500 degrees. Put the prime rib fat side down cook for 15 minutes then turn the meat over and cook it for 15 minutes more. Once that’s done searing the meat turn down the heat to 190 degrees.  After the 8 hrs is up take the prime rib off the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes.  It is important to maintain the temperature so if you need to the oven is a last resort.

photo 2

This prime rib is going to be juicy, tender and full of awesome flavor. Your going to eat down to the last bone and  you’re going to wonder why you have never cooked one before.


1 prime rib


Olive oil

Season for Seasoning

I know that everyone is busy and trying to find last minute gift ideas so here are a couple of seasonings that I like to use and they come in gift packs.

These two gift packs are both sold at the Wagon Wheel or The first gift pack is from The Wagon Wheel in it you get 3 amazing products santa maria seasoning and 2 awsome bbq sauces for @ 20 dollars. Check out Easy BBQ  pork without  the bbq.  For a great recipe.


The second gift pack is J Lee Roy’s gift pack where you get J Lee Roy’s great season and 2 bottles of the sweet dippin sauce for @ 15 dollars. The J Roy’s gift pack you can order at and at


These 2 gift packets will spice up the Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas to all!

Did I Just Buy a BBQ at a Sewing Machine Shop?

Did I just buy a bbq at a Sewing machine shop?  Will the answer to the question would be a resounding yes.


This sounds crazy a barbecue at a sewing machine shop,but is it really that crazy.  I think its genius!   The owner was really thinking here a woman goes to Cathy’s Sewing & Vacuum and brings her husband along. The man isn’t to excited about a sewing machine but a bbq peaks the mans interest. So again I say genius.


So, as I wait for my wife I walk back outside to the Green Mountain Pellet Grills displayed in the front of the store.  I am truly interested in these barbecues because of the size of the bbq.  As stated in Two for One Cyber Monday Special I need a bigger bbq.  There are two grills that catch my eye one is 432 square inches of cooking space and then there is the one I got for Christmas.  It’s the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill it has 600 Square inches of cooking space. This grill has it all remote control temperature gauge for the internal temp and for the temp you want to cook your food at.   This feature is the best ever I can watch football and check on my bbq without leaving my couch.


Now before I get home I have to stop by the Wagon Wheel Market to get a great piece of meat for my new grill. I chose to smoke a pre marinated tri tip for my first piece of meat cooked on the new grill.  The reason I chose a pre marinated tri tip besides that there are good is I was so excited to cook on the new grill I didn”t want to wait for my tri tip to marinade.  I started the pellet grill at 10:30 in the morning at 150 degrees and placed the tri tip on the grill until 7 in the evening. This is the smoker part of the grill. Then I raised the temperature to 350 for 30 more minutes. This is the bbq part on the grill.  The temperature on the meat was right were I wanted it and there was no guessing.


To no surprise this smoked tri tip was amazing!  The meat had a great smoke ring and the flavor was to die for!



So if you live in the Oroville, CA and Chico, CA area check out the great selection of meats at the Wagon Wheel Market and guys don’t be afraid to go Cathy’s Sew & Vacuum and check out all the great bbq stuff inside the store.  Both of these small business truly believe in local products.  They both have a good verity of great gift ideas for the cook in your family.

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