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Juicy BBQ Pork Tender Loin

Will I’m back at it again thanks to the help of my oldest son Reed. Not only does he take great pictures for my blog he can also cook a great meal. So this blog is a BBQ pork tender loin.

Reed and I will start out with a 3lb pork tenderloin. I have him cut the tenderloin almost in half than season it with Santa Maria seasoning from the Wagon Wheel. We do this to the tenderloin because the piece of meat is real thick and by doing this to the meat it will cut the cooking time down. Then Reed will place the tenderloin into a tin foil pan and marinate it in apple juice and ginger juice over night.

The next day I sauté a red onion and some carrots that Reed chopped up the previous night. I will sauté the mixture in LodeStar Farms lemon olive oil. This mixture will go between the sliced pork tenderloin. Make sure that the meat stays in one piece. Then fold the tenderloin back together with the mixture between the two pieces. The onion carrot mixture will sweat into the meat giving the meat the sweet flavor of the vegetables.

Now it’s time for the charcoal if you need help with this process look at my blog Apricot Coconut Tri Tip. Now place the tenderloin on the grill with the fat side up. I didn’t tie the pieces together but if you want to fill free to do so. When Reed placed the meat on the BBQ he had the fat side up, but during the cooking time the tenderloin unfolded and cooked without having to flip the meat.

Depending on the heat you will cook your tenderloin for 45 mins to an hour. This pork tender loin is going to be very juicy and full of flavor. I guarantee you’re going to be proud to serve this to your family and friends. I know I loved it!


3lb Pork Tender Loin
2 cups Apple Juice
2 Tablespoons Ginger Juice
3 carrots chopped
1/4 of a red onoin

BBQ Fish Tacos

The last time I posted a recipe using fish, you the readers, really responded well to it, so I figured what the heck, let’s barbecue fish again. So here we go with BBQ, wait for it… FISH TACOS.  That’s right BBQ fish tacos

The whole fish taco thing is fairly new to me. Since I really just started barbecuing fish a short time ago. I have found that I am liking the white meat fish better than the pink meat fish.  The fish I am using to prepare the taco meat is orange roughy its a whitefish that comes in pretty good sized filets. I cook approximately 1.5 lbs for 15 minutes on each side using Kingsford charcoal. You can read my earlier post BBQ Fish to see the charcoal placement. I use fresh vegetables from Oroville, Ca farmers market. I use flour and corn tortillas because I can never figure out which one I like until I start to eat.

I use Morse Farms new mandarin olive oil on the fish to give it a little more flavor and the oil also prevents the fish from sticking to the tin foil on the grill. I will season the fish lightly with the Wagon Wheel Market’s Santa Maria seasoning.

When the fish is finally cooked I place the fish in a big mixing bowl and mash it with a potato smasher. Then I squeeze lemon and lime onto the fish and smash it a little more. But, before the smashing begins I place the tortillas on the grill to warm up. I leave the tortillas on the grill for only about 5 minutes. That way when the smashing is complete the tortillas are ready.

My family and friends like to add tomatoes,avocados, and mango salsa to the fish tacos and they all tell me that the fish tacos taste great. I’m a simple man, so I just add some cheese to my fish taco. Any way you eat them I know you will love them.


1.5 lbs of fresh fish of your liking
10 tortillas
1 tomato
1 lime
1 lemon
1 avocados
salsa of your liking

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