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Did I Just Buy a BBQ at a Sewing Machine Shop?

Did I just buy a bbq at a Sewing machine shop?  Will the answer to the question would be a resounding yes.


This sounds crazy a barbecue at a sewing machine shop,but is it really that crazy.  I think its genius!   The owner was really thinking here a woman goes to Cathy’s Sewing & Vacuum and brings her husband along. The man isn’t to excited about a sewing machine but a bbq peaks the mans interest. So again I say genius.


So, as I wait for my wife I walk back outside to the Green Mountain Pellet Grills displayed in the front of the store.  I am truly interested in these barbecues because of the size of the bbq.  As stated in Two for One Cyber Monday Special I need a bigger bbq.  There are two grills that catch my eye one is 432 square inches of cooking space and then there is the one I got for Christmas.  It’s the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill it has 600 Square inches of cooking space. This grill has it all remote control temperature gauge for the internal temp and for the temp you want to cook your food at.   This feature is the best ever I can watch football and check on my bbq without leaving my couch.


Now before I get home I have to stop by the Wagon Wheel Market to get a great piece of meat for my new grill. I chose to smoke a pre marinated tri tip for my first piece of meat cooked on the new grill.  The reason I chose a pre marinated tri tip besides that there are good is I was so excited to cook on the new grill I didn”t want to wait for my tri tip to marinade.  I started the pellet grill at 10:30 in the morning at 150 degrees and placed the tri tip on the grill until 7 in the evening. This is the smoker part of the grill. Then I raised the temperature to 350 for 30 more minutes. This is the bbq part on the grill.  The temperature on the meat was right were I wanted it and there was no guessing.


To no surprise this smoked tri tip was amazing!  The meat had a great smoke ring and the flavor was to die for!



So if you live in the Oroville, CA and Chico, CA area check out the great selection of meats at the Wagon Wheel Market and guys don’t be afraid to go Cathy’s Sew & Vacuum and check out all the great bbq stuff inside the store.  Both of these small business truly believe in local products.  They both have a good verity of great gift ideas for the cook in your family.

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One thought on “Did I Just Buy a BBQ at a Sewing Machine Shop?

  1. I too bought my new pellet grill at Cathy’s sew and vac. The owner delivered it and helped me to understand how it worked. Great customer service. Great grill!

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