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Two for one cyber Monday special

SInce it’s cyber Monday I figured I give you two for one on recipes.  The 2 will be BBQ mini meatloaf and a baked Turkey.

ImageThe mini meatloafs I found while only having one arm.  Check out my BBQ meatloaf recipe for all the ingredents.  I was craving meatloaf and while mixing it I was throwing the mixture in the air and catching it to mix the mixture.  When I throw the ball down it turn into a football shape and then it came to me mini meatloaf.  The best part about mini meatloafs is it takes about 30 minutes to cook instead of 1 hour.

ImageNow for the baked turkey. I know what your thinking why baked and not barbecued.  Its really easy to answer the turkey was  to big for the bbq. I guess its time for a new bbq.  I started by cleaning the turkey in the kitchen sink.  When I was finished cleaning the 21 pound bird I left it in the sink add salt to the top of the bird and rub it in. I also rubbed the inside of the bird with salt.  I then add Santa Maria seasoning from the Wagon Wheel. Then I cover the top of the bird with ice and cover the sink and bird with siren wrap. I left the bird in the seasoned water for 8 1/2 hours. This process is called brining. After the turkey had brined for 8 1/2 hours I drained the water, rinsed the turkey, and patted the turkey dry with paper towels.


Now this part is were the turkey gets fun.  I then chopped up 2 small onions in a chopper along with celery and carrots.  I then added the chopped veggies to a frying pan that had  a half a stick of butter in it.  i didn’t like the look of the veggie mix so I added a whole stick of butter to the frying pan.


While all of this is going on I have been pre heating the oven at 350 degrees.  I then placed the veggie mixture all over the top of the turkey.  I also rubbed butter where the mix had not covered the turkey.  I placed the turkey in a big roasting pan with 2 cans of chicken broth. I then covered the whole turkey with tin foil so the turkey wouldn’t burn. I removed the tin foil after 6 hours and placed the bird back in the oven for anther hour and a half.

I know you well love this moist full flavored turkey all of my family does.

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