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Dont Be Scared its Just a Piece of Meat

Alright,how many of you out there are afraid to cook a certain type of meat?  Will if there is a piece of meat that scares people to death to cook, it is prime rib, but I’m going to help you with an easy recipe that taste great!


The first step is to make sure that you are truly buying a prime rib and not a standard piece of meat.  You are going to pay more for a better quality meat, but you will taste the difference.  If you need help finding that piece of meat look for a local butcher shop. If you live in the Oroville, CA area Wagon Wheel Market is the place to go.

photo2 2

Once you have selected the prime rib you begin the preparation process by seasoning it. I chose to use Santa Maria seasoning from the Wagon Wheel Market.  Before I put the seasoning on I rub the prime rib down with Berkley Grove Olive oil.  The olive oil will give the seasoning something to stick to.  Now start adding seasoning to the meat by rubbing the seasoning in as you add the seasoning to your liking.  Place the meat in the refrigerator for about 24 hrs.


Now your going to sear the prime rib. If you need help with that look at my post bbq pork without the bbq.  If you have a pellet bbq you can sear the meat by setting to temp to 500 degrees. Put the prime rib fat side down cook for 15 minutes then turn the meat over and cook it for 15 minutes more. Once that’s done searing the meat turn down the heat to 190 degrees.  After the 8 hrs is up take the prime rib off the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes.  It is important to maintain the temperature so if you need to the oven is a last resort.

photo 2

This prime rib is going to be juicy, tender and full of awesome flavor. Your going to eat down to the last bone and  you’re going to wonder why you have never cooked one before.


1 prime rib


Olive oil

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2 thoughts on “Dont Be Scared its Just a Piece of Meat

  1. Dan Jenks on said:

    Just bought a boneless prime for my GMG grill so this was perfect timing. I was wondering if you would do anything different with a boneless. Yours looks perfect as always. Keep these coming.

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