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Dont Be Scared its Just a Piece of Meat

Alright,how many of you out there are afraid to cook a certain type of meat?  Will if there is a piece of meat that scares people to death to cook, it is prime rib, but I’m going to help you with an easy recipe that taste great!


The first step is to make sure that you are truly buying a prime rib and not a standard piece of meat.  You are going to pay more for a better quality meat, but you will taste the difference.  If you need help finding that piece of meat look for a local butcher shop. If you live in the Oroville, CA area Wagon Wheel Market is the place to go.

photo2 2

Once you have selected the prime rib you begin the preparation process by seasoning it. I chose to use Santa Maria seasoning from the Wagon Wheel Market.  Before I put the seasoning on I rub the prime rib down with Berkley Grove Olive oil.  The olive oil will give the seasoning something to stick to.  Now start adding seasoning to the meat by rubbing the seasoning in as you add the seasoning to your liking.  Place the meat in the refrigerator for about 24 hrs.


Now your going to sear the prime rib. If you need help with that look at my post bbq pork without the bbq.  If you have a pellet bbq you can sear the meat by setting to temp to 500 degrees. Put the prime rib fat side down cook for 15 minutes then turn the meat over and cook it for 15 minutes more. Once that’s done searing the meat turn down the heat to 190 degrees.  After the 8 hrs is up take the prime rib off the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes.  It is important to maintain the temperature so if you need to the oven is a last resort.

photo 2

This prime rib is going to be juicy, tender and full of awesome flavor. Your going to eat down to the last bone and  you’re going to wonder why you have never cooked one before.


1 prime rib


Olive oil

Season for Seasoning

I know that everyone is busy and trying to find last minute gift ideas so here are a couple of seasonings that I like to use and they come in gift packs.

These two gift packs are both sold at the Wagon Wheel or The first gift pack is from The Wagon Wheel in it you get 3 amazing products santa maria seasoning and 2 awsome bbq sauces for @ 20 dollars. Check out Easy BBQ  pork without  the bbq.  For a great recipe.


The second gift pack is J Lee Roy’s gift pack where you get J Lee Roy’s great season and 2 bottles of the sweet dippin sauce for @ 15 dollars. The J Roy’s gift pack you can order at and at


These 2 gift packets will spice up the Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas to all!

Two for one cyber Monday special

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Fathers Day BBQ Help


Ok so it’s fathers day weekend and I thought you might need a little bit of my help if your barbecuing for your dad. I’m just going to recap some of my favorite recipes and put a spin on one for you.

So I’ll start with the BBQ meat loaf I know dad will love this one because it’s my favorite recipe to make and to eat.  It also reminds me of my dad because I remember the first meatloaf I ever liked was his bbq meatloaf.  I also remember asking him were he came up with the idea and dad said “if you can cook chicken on a bbq why not a meatloaf?”

Now I really liked the oyster ginger top sirloin steak that  I also used this marinade on a tri tip so I could eat more meat and feed more people at a lower cost. If your just cooking for 2 to 4 people use top sirloin but if your cooking for more than 4 people use the tri tip and you will not be disappointed.  The flavor of this tri tip is just amazing!  If your dad likes his meat on the sweeter side you should try my apricot coconut tri tip.  This tri tip has a sweet taste but is still has the great taste of beef that your dad loves.

If your dad is a fish eater he will love the bbq salmon and tilapia recipe.  If you live in the Oroville, CA area stop by the Wagon Wheel Market and pick up the fish and  Santa Maria Seasoning there, along with the Lodestar Olive oil that makes the fish taste that much better.

For the side dishes to dads BBQ, try the Easy potato salad and the veggie skewers to round out the whole meal.  The veggie skewers are a great way to eat vegetables and have fun doing it. The potato salad will be a hit because what dad doesn’t love bacon and potatoes.

Good luck cooking for your dad and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there.

If you are looking for great gift ideas look at these pages for great ideas.

Wagon Wheel Market

J Lee Roys Dippin Sauce

Morse Farms

Lodestar Farms

Antelope Creek Farm

Veggie Skewers

So this post is for those of you who like to eat vegetables without the meat. There are a lot of different vegetarian barbecue options, but my favorite is vegetable skewers.

The skewers are made with red onion and four different kinds on squash.  The squash types are panty, crook neck, morrow, and zucchini. I cut all the squash to half inch by half inch pieces. Check out meat on a stick for the skewer process.  I cut the red onion to the same size as the squash.

Once all the vegetables are on the skewers I brush all of the skewers with lodestar farms garlic olive oil.  The red onion and garlic olive oil combine to create a distinctive  flavor that mixes well with the smokiness from the charcoal and mesquite wood chunks.  I place the skewers on the grill for 20 minutes and flip them over and cook them for 10 more minutes.

Vegetable skewers taste great with vegetables only, but I prefer to add meat. For the vegetarians and vegans this is an excellent barbecue option.

J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce Special

I missed last weeks post due to life becoming… well life.  It was an extremely busy week that involved hospitals, goats and kids, so there was little time to write. This is my tenth post, that’s right, the tenth post, so I didn’t want it to be lame or seem forced. I figured it would be better to skip a week.

This week I will feature J Lee Roy’s barbecue crew as they prepare for an epic weekend of sales at Feather Fiesta days in Oroville CA. Our feather fiesta days draws the entire town to one location for a weekend of food and fun.

The fun for the J Lee Roy’s crew begins weeks in advance. The preparation starts with choosing the right pork butt and ends with various culinary details such as ensuring there are plenty of napkins and enough of that sweet and delicious sauce on hand.

The Friday afternoon before the event Sam the cook of the crew lights the 16 foot Holstein BBQ. It takes about 30 minutes for the BBQ to heat to the temperature that Sam wants.  Within ten minutes Sam has 30 pork butts on the grill. He lets the meat cook for 10 hours before he takes the pork off the grill and wraps it in individual pieces of tin foil and places them in an ice chest, without the ice. Even after it has been removed from the grill the pork continues to cook due to the heat that the meat is giving off inside the ice chest and foil. By the time the J Lee Roy’s Crew makes the first sandwich the pork has cooked for about 16 hours.

The J Lee Roy’s station is a flurry of activity on Saturday morning. Crew members are lighting the stove in the mobile sales trailer, setting up shade structures and tables pulling the meat off the bone so that there is hand picked pieces for each delicious sandwich. Once the meat is on the sandwich someone else adds the perfect amount of J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce.

After watching all the weeks of preparation, cooking, setup of the event and the tear down and clean up of the event I have a great deal of respect for this crew.

If you live in Northern California you can find J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce in the meat department at Raleys, Savemart, Holiday Market, FoodMax and Wagon Wheel Market.  It is also in the condiment aisle at Safeway.  If you don’t live in the area click the link and order online.

Apricot Coconut Tri Tip

I’ve been asked, “were do you come up with your ideas for the BBQ?”  Well the answer is pretty basic. I just look for different ideas in the store, and I try to mix ingredients together that I know I like. So this post is a family creation.

It’s starts with a simple tri tip. As stated in the previous post, “Coffee tri tip”, this meat is juicy and has great flavor.  The marinade for the tri tip this week is beer, apple juice, soy sauce, ginger juice, apricot, and coconut oil.  It seems like there is a lot of ingredients but they all go together really well.

Grab a ziplock back and pour in the following ingredients: 1/3 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup porter ale by Sierra Nevada, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of ginger juice and 2 tablespoons of apricot cooking sauce by Antelope Creek Farm. Then shake up the mix.  Before you place the meat in the marinade, punch holes all over the meat with a fork, so the marinade can get into the meat. Now place the tri tip in the fridge.

Remember I like to use Kingsford charcoal, as well as, hickory chunks and cherry wood chunks together. This adds a ton of flavor.  When the coals are white hot spread the coals evenly to both sides and place a piece on tin foil in-between the coals, so there is no direct heat on the meat. Put the grill units in place and set the meat in the middle of the grill. Then place the lid on and wait fifteen minutes to turn the meat.  Then wait 15 to 20 minutes more. If you like your meat more on the raw side use a meat thermometer to make sure the meat cooks to a safe temp.

Now you might ask what does the meat taste like?  Will it is a sweet and juicy piece of tri tip that I know will surprise you.

If you try any of my recipes let me know  what you think.


1/3 cup apple juice

1/2 cup Porter ale by Sierra Nevada

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon ginger juice

1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 tablespoons apricot cooking oil

BBQ Bacon Onion Burgers

Well, it’s been a busy week at my house.  With Easter week and all.  So I was thinking I’ll make something that everyone makes, but with a little extra.  This week is BBQ Bacon Onion Burgers. I promise the burgers well not disappoint.

Now let’s start by slicing the bacon and red onion into little places.  I like to use a half pound of bacon and half of a red onion, but you can use more or less of the two depending on your likes.  Now place them in a frying pan on medium heat.  As the stove starts to heat-up head outside and start the briquettes.  Now return to the kitchen and place the ground chuck in a dish that you can mix all the ingredients up in.  I then add J Lee Roy’s to the top of the hamburger along with one egg.  The egg is a binder for all the ingredients.

Don’t forget the bacon and onions on the stove.  That’s a funny thing to say because there is no way your nose is going to let you forget this mixture is cooking.  The aroma that fills your house will make everyone want to eat right now.  The mixture should take about 15 or so minutes to cook.  Make sure all the bacon is crispy this will help when the burgers are cooking.

I don’t like to add the grease from the bacon and onion mixture to the burger so I discard the grease.  Now I dump the bacon and onions on top of the burger mixture.  Now begin to mix with your hands the bacon and onion, J Lee Roy’s or your favorite BBQ sauce, egg and ground chuck together. Or you can teach your kids how to mix up the mixture.Once your done mixing the ingredients start making the Patties. I like to grab a hand full make them into racquet ball sizes and smash them to about a half inch thick patty. You should be able to make 7 burgers.

Your briquettes should be ready now. So spread them out evenly throughout the BBQ and place the grill on.  Now add your patties and wait 5 minutes then flip the burgers. Now wait 7 to 10 more minutes for these delicious burgers.  The last couple of minutes I like to add a couple of buns on the grill to make them a little crispy.  Add your garnish and enjoy a juicy BBQ Bacon Onion Burger. I bet you love them!

Best beercanbbq

Ok, so this is history in the making!  It is my first blog and it’s about two things I love, cooking and eating.  Some of you might be asking, “Why” Well it’s simple, I have a couple of friends that love my beer can chicken, so after a night of devouring a few chickens, the idea for was born.

Let’s get started for real now. I prefer to cook with Kingsford charcoal on a traditional grill rather than a propane barbecue.  I just think traditional grills give a better flavor. I also like to mix a few blocks of cherry wood in with the briquettes to add more flavor. If your not sure as to how many briquettes to use, grab an empty tin coffee can and fill it up.

While I am waiting for the briquettes to heat up until they are white, I go back to the kitchen and start cleaning the whole chicken. I buy my chicken at a local meat market called, Wagon Wheel Market, but you can buy whole chickens at most grocery stores or your local meat market or organic chicken farmer. You start by cleaning the inside of the bird with lukewarm water. Make sure to press your fingers against the bones in the empty cavity of the bird and then rinse the bird really well again.  After the chicken has been thoroughly cleaned, place it in a dish. I prefer a disposable tinfoil pan.  Now you are going to get some olive oil and rub about 3 to 6 ounces of oil all over the bird. I prefer to use a quality local olive oil called Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 olive oil.  The olive oil will make the chicken’s skin crispy all over which my friends, myself and my spoiled Shih Tzu all love.  Once I’m done rubbing the bird down I grab some spice’s and sprinkle it all over the bird. Then just like you did with the olive oil start rubbing it into the bird.  You can use a simple salt and lemon pepper mix or a favorite spice mix that you created or purchased.  One of my favorite spice mixes is Santa Marie from the Wagon Wheel Market.  Since you don’t have the Wagon Wheel right around the corner you can order it online or you can use your own.  Now wash your hands and check on your briquettes. They should be ready. For my beer I like to use Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  I fill the Sittin’ Chicken Steamer with beer. Then I place the bird on the Sittin’ Chicken Steamer. Use the big opening that’s already in the rear of the bird. Do not cut your bird. Now its time to spread the briquettes. You want to spread them out so that they are on 2 sides of the grill.  Don’t worry about the whole in the middle you don’t want the direct heat of the briquettes.  Put the grill rack in place sit your bird in the middle of the BBQ and wait for 1 hour and 20 minutes. When the time is up you will have the best beer can barbecue chicken ever, and your family, friends and spoiled dog will love it.

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