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J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce Special

I missed last weeks post due to life becoming… well life.  It was an extremely busy week that involved hospitals, goats and kids, so there was little time to write. This is my tenth post, that’s right, the tenth post, so I didn’t want it to be lame or seem forced. I figured it would be better to skip a week.

This week I will feature J Lee Roy’s barbecue crew as they prepare for an epic weekend of sales at Feather Fiesta days in Oroville CA. Our feather fiesta days draws the entire town to one location for a weekend of food and fun.

The fun for the J Lee Roy’s crew begins weeks in advance. The preparation starts with choosing the right pork butt and ends with various culinary details such as ensuring there are plenty of napkins and enough of that sweet and delicious sauce on hand.

The Friday afternoon before the event Sam the cook of the crew lights the 16 foot Holstein BBQ. It takes about 30 minutes for the BBQ to heat to the temperature that Sam wants.  Within ten minutes Sam has 30 pork butts on the grill. He lets the meat cook for 10 hours before he takes the pork off the grill and wraps it in individual pieces of tin foil and places them in an ice chest, without the ice. Even after it has been removed from the grill the pork continues to cook due to the heat that the meat is giving off inside the ice chest and foil. By the time the J Lee Roy’s Crew makes the first sandwich the pork has cooked for about 16 hours.

The J Lee Roy’s station is a flurry of activity on Saturday morning. Crew members are lighting the stove in the mobile sales trailer, setting up shade structures and tables pulling the meat off the bone so that there is hand picked pieces for each delicious sandwich. Once the meat is on the sandwich someone else adds the perfect amount of J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce.

After watching all the weeks of preparation, cooking, setup of the event and the tear down and clean up of the event I have a great deal of respect for this crew.

If you live in Northern California you can find J Lee Roy’s Dippin Sauce in the meat department at Raleys, Savemart, Holiday Market, FoodMax and Wagon Wheel Market.  It is also in the condiment aisle at Safeway.  If you don’t live in the area click the link and order online.

Easy BBQ Pork (without the bbq)

The weather here in Northern California has been rain, rain and more rain, so it has been hard to BBQ.  The inclement weather has made me turn to the crock pot for this post.  I know this is not true barbecue but when you are jonesing for BBQ this is a great recipe. That is also very easy to make.

Unlike my past posts this one is all made in the kitchen.  I have chosen to use a pork butt and when the weather is good you can use this recipe on the barbecue also.  You replace the crock pot with a tin foil pan.  You can use your favorite BBQ sauce and beer in this recipe.  If you don’t like the beer option you can use water or apple juice.  I am using Sierra Nevada Porter beer, Lodestar Farms lemon olive oil, Santa Maria seasoning, a half of a red onion and BB Specialties Smokey Jalapeño Honey Sauce (hot). The last two are exclusively sold at the Wagon Wheel Market in Oroville, CA.

Now let’s get to the meat. I spray the frying pan with Lodestar Farms lemon olive oil. While I’m waiting for the oil to heat up I spray Lodestar Farms lemon olive oil all over the pork butt.  This adds a little lemon flavor, and it gives the spices something to stick to.  Remember I like Santa Maria seasoning but if you don’t have it, you can use salt and pepper. If you would like to order it just go to and order your own.  When the oil is hot place the pork in the pan.  Using a spatula rotate the meat until all sides are brown.  This is easy and takes about 10 minutes.

Add a third of a cup of beer to the bottom of the crock pot.  Remember you can also use apple juice if you prefer.  Place the pork butt in the beer and then add seven ounces of your favorite BBQ sauce.  Today I have chosen BB Specialties from Wagon Wheel market. This sauce has jalapeños brown sugar and honey which are great with pork. This sauce has a hidden heat to it, all of a sudden you feal the heat of the peppers. Pour the sauce right on top of the pork. Place the lid on the crock pot, turn it on high and wait 4 to 5 hours. When barbecuing it takes 3 to 4 hours.

After four to five hours in the crock pot the pork is going to be very tender and you can pull it apart real easy with just a fork.  Once you have it all pulled apart add seven or more ounces of BBQ sauce.  Now place on your choice of bread or just eat it out of a bowl. I promise this recipe won’t fail you when you are jonesing for BBQ, but are unable to use an outdoor grill.

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